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Dongguan Yuanfeng Air conditioner parts Co., Ltd. Main production:Aluminum foil flexible duct,Insulated Aluminum foil flexible duct,ABS air diffuser,Aluminium foil air pipe,Flexible Aluminum Foil Ducting,Ball spout type air diffuser,ABS (plastic) Air Diffuser,White PVC Flexible Duct,PVC Duct,Nylon Flexible Duct ,Insulated Flexible Duct,Flexible Duct,Smoke Exhaust。
Established in 2011 ,    Dongguan Yuanfeng Air conditioner parts Co., Ltd.  dedicated in providing the best products and services to our valued customers not only locally but also worldwide . We focus on environment-friendly and energy - saving products as well as genial and prompt service . With our professional background and our strong supply systems , we can always help our customers to get the best products at a reasonable price to save their time and effort . We wish to grow with you and to build a bridge to success for you !
* Save the earth , Save your money !
* Your satisfaction is always our cherished desire !


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