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Aluminum foil flexible duct

  • AIR-conditioning flexible hoses
AIR-conditioning flexible hoses

AIR-conditioning flexible hoses

  • Temp. range: -30oC~120oC
  • Thickness: 25mm
  • Max. operation pressure: 250mm WG
  • Product description: Dongguan Yuanfeng Air conditioner parts Co., Ltd. Main production:Aluminum foil flexible duct,Insulated Aluminum foil flexible duct,ABS air diffuser,Aluminium foil air pipe,Flexible Aluminum Foil Duct

Details :

Material: Inner layer: Aluminum foil Middle layer: 25mm↑fiber wool; 12,16,18,20,24 kg/m3Outter layer: Enhanced net aluminal foil.
Thickness: 25mm↑
Temp. range: -30oC~120oC
Length: 10m,7.6m or as per customer's request.
Max. operation pressure: 250mm WG
Aluminum foil or Al/PET enhanced with spiral steel wire, covered with 25mm thick 12~24kg/m3 fiber glass wool then coated with enhanced aluminum foil.
Extraordinary flexible to fit on round or oval connections.


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